If I were a smart human being, I would budget my time. This would ensure my ability to complete tasks on time and still have time to be lazy. I seem to subscribe to the belief that lazytime should occupy 85% of my awake time. Leaving only 15% of my time for homework, applications, and interview prep. As of now I have one take home final and two essays due Monday, a study guide needed to be sent out to the rest of the study group by Sunday, and finals this Wed. and Thurs. and next Tues., as well as my teaching fellows interview the 19th. How many of these things are done? None of them. And I've been invited to a Christmas party this Saturday that is supposed to last until 5 in the morning. Of course if I were a smart girl, I would have turned down this invitation, but in my world party > homework. So guess where I'll be Saturday night.


I'm very good at procrastinating.
I'm also good at forgetting about things. Such as this blog. I could argue that life has taken me on an incredible journey, far away from this page. But sadly, life has been boring. School is plodding along at a good clip, but besides that life is dull. I did get a massage. Which was the single most glorious event of my life. The things I have done to my body are beginning to catch up to me so the massage was much needed. And the masseuse basically told me I need to take better care of myself or end up being bedridden for the rest of my life. As i figured, my back is a disaster, my knees are worse than a 90 year old arthritic woman, and my right shoulder will need intense physical therapy to mend muscular damage. Well, I'll just have to hire a sherpa to cart my things around.
So the moral of the story is, don't partake in any athletic activities, don't carry heavy bags (or any bag in general), and invest in bi-weekly massages.


Dear god we live in a crazy place.
You know I always knew there were crazies living in the US. Somewhere down south of course. But in the past few weeks they have been popping out all over! Theres that one woman who seems to insist that Obama is not eligible to be president due to the fact that he was not born in the US. Who gives a crap? Obviously he's had to prove this to the appropriate people otherwise he would not have been eligible to run. This woman, Orly Taitz, has done her share of touring the major news shows to attempt to convince others of her nutso scheme.
I can't even begin to describe the wackos that seem to be convinced that health care reform will bring about the end of the US. One woman who was plucked from the audience of a town hall meeting suggests that the "goodwill" of the people will ensure the health of the country. Umm... I don't know about her but that idea doesn't seem to be working. Oh wait, what if everyone just automatically donated money from their pay so they wouldn't have to remember to donate towards the health care of everyone. That sounds like goodwill.


I am so grateful to be starting school soon.
Never would I have imagined that spending an extra year in college would be so perfect. NYC is not hiring teachers for this year, so had I graduated in May, as originally planned, I would be jobless. I mean yea I could have applied to other cities but all the people who would have applied to NYC BoE would be doing the same. Now I get one more year of schooling while I wait out the storm. It gives me a good year to start all my applications to teaching fellowships: Newark, NY, Philly, and Baltimore.
Teachers are always an in demand job, but see I chose the wrong side of teaching. Any school district you go to there are always superintendents begging for science, math, and special ed teachers. I hate math and was never good at science and I don't have the patience for special ed. I want to be a history teacher. A high school history teacher. Do I have a death wish? Maybe. But how can I resist?! I love history. So hopefully this year thousands of high school history teachers retire in the tri-state area. If you know a history teacher I suggest you encourage them to retire. If you know a recently married history teacher (woman) encourage them going on maternity leave. I need a job soon.


I have never been to Boston.
Next Monday marks my first trip to this old U.S. city. I am way beyond excited. As a history major I guess it needs no explanation. I'm going to do the 2.5 mile freedom trail and get in all my touristy sites. In between there'll be some college visits for my sister, Tufts, BU, BC, and Northeastern. Hopefully I can skip out on them. None of them have any of the graduate school programs I'm looking for, so it's of no use to me.
As for the other part of me, my stomach is BEYOND excited for the food that awaits in Boston. I love to eat in restaurants so the opportunity to eat at least 3 meals a day out is super exciting. I'm compiling a list of restaurants that are must visits. Upstairs on the Square, Pomplona (sp?), and various bakeries. I definitely need to make a visit to North End to get some Italin and to Chinatown for some Chinese/Asian food. I have been massively craving pho so hopefully there will be some good Vietnamese places.


This post is dedicated to Sachi.
Happy Birthday Sachi!

The woman of my dreams, the mother of my children (seriously, she's renting out her womb to me). If we were gay I would use this space to propose to her spend the rest of my life with this woman. But I have devoted my life to cats and to live together in cat/bag lady happiness with Bibi. Sachi can visit.



Hello Goodbye, Hellogoodbye.
Five years ago I fell in love. With a band. Hellogoodbye. A year after that I found out they were going to be playing in Lyndhurst, mere minutes from my humble abode. I waited in excitement for that wonderous night to arrive. Since I was at that point without a license, I went with two friends, one of whom had a car. When we got there we realized Hellogoodbye would be the last band out of about 25 bands to play. About 10 bands in my ride got tired, sleepy, and ready to go home. Since I was without way to get home, I had to leave too. Disappointed and Forrest-less, I went home. Fast forward a couple months to Swarthmore. I was rooming next to a guy (S.) who happened to also enjoy the grooves of Hellogoodbye. Happily, their tour would be taking them to the Electric Factory in Philly later in the semester, so we bought tickets. Tucked away in the back of my mind was the thought of finally seeing HGB. BUUTT, three days before the concert, and during finals, I came down with a nasty case of strep throat. I could barely get out of bed and spent half my day puking up my insides in the garbage can next to my bed. I had little energy to get up to take my finals let alone get on the septa and stand for 4 hours in a crowded and loud room. I sadly gave away my ticket and cried a little inside. Luckily, the HGB gods were on my side, because next year they came around to Philly again. Gathering a larger group of friends to go, on a school night, we bought tickets to attend this oh holy of gatherings. I took extra vitamin C and made sure to get plenty of sleep leading up to the show. I was ready, my immune system was rocking and I had a guaranteed septa ride back. But I was sucker punch. I was ready to go but my friends were tired, bored, and ready to go home. They had a long day of classes and had to be up the next day for more. They stood there, as others around us were jumping in joy and singing along. Their bad moods rubbed off on me and I failed to enjoy myself. I'm too scared to buy anymore tickets to see HGB, I'm afraid I will attract lightening strikes or worse. Until the day I am assured a safe passage I must watch online and listen to cds in order to get my fill.